Guys on Girls

In case you haven’t checked out HBO’s new series Girls, I highly recommend you to do so. It’s a New York based show, focusing on the lives of twenty-something girls. Sounds like Sex and the City, but couldn’t be further from it. No narrative, no fabulousness, no expensive designer wear. And foremost: no women – Girls. It’s a funny and witty show with that awkward humour that seems to be very trendy in shows right now (imagine Zoe Deschanel in New Girl).

But I don’t want to talk specifically about the series. I want to talk about a fascinating effect. The Guys on Girls versus the Girls on Girls analysis of each episode on

Ever week after a new episode, a couple of guys start this blog thread where they analyze it. Over at another blog thread, girls do the same thing. It’s funny and interesting to read these two threads, and it shows that even men take an interest in what might be written off as a chick show. The themes which they discuss are quite different though. On Guys on Girls the focus quickly switches from the characters to for example the soundtrack or whether or not they have Netflix on the country side. The Girls on Girls on the other hand talk mainly about the inner developments of the girls on the show.

It’s really cool that Slate has these two analytical teams, and sure makes every episode of Girls more interesting when anticipating the analysis.