State rape in the States

Breathe. Just breathe.
So…let’s just say I’m SO happy I’m not living in Virgina, USA, and need to go through an abortion. There is right now a HUGE debate in the States over the fact that Virginia’s governor wanted to FORCE WOMEN to go through a transvaginal ultrasound in connection with an abortion. Yeah. FORCE it on them so that they would HAVE TO LOOK at the fetus they were about to KILL. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes. Seriously.

Soon, this was referred to (by normal human beings who all realized this was sick) as “State rape”. Because get this you governor-rat:  Any object that is inserted into a woman’s vagina without her informed consent is rape. And I doubt that women who want an abortion will be all cheery and like:

“Yey! Put that gigantic wand deep inside my vagina and let me look at the tiny thing growing inside me to make me feel bad about killing it! That way I’m SURE I will regret my choice, even if I don’t have a single penny to raise a child. Even if my health is at stake by having a baby. Even if I got raped and this is the result. JUST FUCKING PUT IT IN ME!” Sorry. As you can see, this makes me VERY angry.

Luckily, the governor decided to skip the whole transvaginal thing, and just go with a “normal” abdominal ultrasound. Required by law that is. It still hasn’t been decided yet, but I just can’t believe this is happening! Even UN official’s say that abortion is a Human Right. And obviously, discriminating against women because of their gender is also against UN Human Rights. And yes, if you are a woman, chances are, you might get pregnant (FIRST GRADE BIOLOGY!!) and make a choice over your own body.

But to then force women by law to have an ultrasound and look at the fetus, is to punish them for getting pregnant (which is due to their biological gender) and not wanting the child (of course politicians would never use the word punish, they say they simply want to inform us “stupid women”. Yeah. As if some male politicians know anything about that). So if you ask me, yes, this whole abortion law thing going on in Virginia, is violating the Human Right not be discriminated because of your gender.

Read this fantastic manifesto written by a physician, on the whole matter. Click here.


You got stereotyped!

The language. A tool for many beautiful and many horrible things in the world. In Sweden there is a debate going on right now about using a gender neutral pronoun when addressing children in preschools. In Swedish, “he” is “han”, and “she” is “hon”. Now, many preschools choose to say “hen” instead, used for both boys and girls.

I wrote an article about it a year ago for AP, read it here

To what extent should we modify our language to avoid stereotypes? Why is it a bad thing to say him or her? To me, that is going too far. Him or Her is and shouldn’t be bad, but by using a neutral pronoun instead, the children will eventually start to think that He/She, Him/Her are taboo-words and be right up there with Fuck, Pussy, Cunt and Dick. And what not.


I DO agree with the fact that language can enforce old-fashioned stereotypes. Take a look at this article for example, published in London’s Evening Standard on Tuesday the 13th of March 2012.

Mass-media should be more aware of gender stereotyping.

How do they describe the two women’s get-together? First of all, they are not independent women involved in politics. No. They are “WIVES”. And they are “QUIET”, having a “MEAL”, while the “BOYS” are at a “GAME”.

It fulfills ALL the stereotypes of women and boys, and the picture sits perfect on top of it. Hello, since when are we back in the 1950’s?

Another sentence that will make every conservative smile: “They are expected to discuss their FAMILIES, life in the media spotlight and the hectic programme during the Camerons’ three-day visit to Washington and New York.” … “Mrs Cameron and Mrs Obama, WHO BOTH REGULARLY JOG AND WORK OUT (what???), struck their friendship ….”

You get it? So if any budding journalists are reading this – don’t only be aware of grammatical errors, but also these – far more worse – gender stereotyping errors.