Where I stand

Gender and Feminism are topics always news worthy. But mainly, they always stir heated debates whenever and wherever discussed.

I know I am writing from a very privileged point of view. In many countries women’s issues are still exclusively women’s issues, I realize that in Sweden (where I’m from) and most Western European countries, women already have the rights and freedom many women all over the world could only dream of.

There are many places where women are still child-bearers only, who can be traded with, treated as, and done with whatever men like, because they don’t have much value, other than to be a good wife and deliver children. I am limited in my views and knowledge, and I wish to extend that in the future, but right now I am dealing with questions that mainly affect women and men in the Western culture, where the discourse of feminism and gender equality has somewhat developed from being only about the liberation of women to also start including men.

So where do I stand? Am I a radical or a liberal feminist? Do I believe gender is completely socially constructed? Or do I believe there are some biological differences between the sexes?

You will probably notice when reading my posts 😉