American playboy Joe Bovino
is coming out with his book “Field Guide to Chicks of the United States” this June. It’s similar to a bird watching book – but with women instead. Now, thanks to entertaining insights from someone who knows it all and has done it (them) all, every dude can set out in the wilderness and find themselves one of the 92 species of women. It’s a matter of either laughing or crying. Probably the first.”I’d read it to get a laugh,” says American student Steve, 25. “Because somethings are probably true, stereotypes come from somewhere. Maybe it will engender some kind of feminist revolt, which would be refreshing, since feminism is dead in the States.”

But Lindy West from online based women’s magazine Jezebel, seemed to have cried when the reading the press release (see further down). In her article she writes: “Bovino makes sure to let us ladies know that this book isn’t just for men—there’s a lot that women can learn from it too: “Single chicks can use this book to keep an eye on the competition and pick up valuable inside information.” Wow, thanks! Because if there’s one thing women need help with, it’s figuring out new ways to compare ourselves to other women.”

Either way, it seems this book will spur many debates when it hits the shelves this summer. The tone of the book seems to be sexist, but at the same time it appears to be taking a piss out of American stereotypes, which in effect could have positive impact on the feminist debate.

Here’s the press release:

“The “Field Guide to Chicks of the United States” is the must-have summer book as your readers hit the road this summer. The book will help you learn how to spot, identify, admire and appreciate American women all across the country.

Author Joe Bovino has identified 92 different “species” of women across the country. There’s Miss Texas, who is known for her big, blonde hair, large breasts, a natural tan and megawatt smile. She is frequently spotted in cowboy boots, short shorts and designer clothes and accessories. You’ll be able to spot her at a beauty salon, beauty pageant, country club or church. The Phillycat is a tiger on the outside and pussycat on the inside who cares mainly about family, friends and basic necessities. She’s likely spotted in a neighborhood bar, coffee shop or shopping mall. And on the West Coast, you are likely to encounter the Peace of Ass who is typically a personal trainer, psychologist or massage therapist. Her “song” is talking about inner peace, personal growth and meaningful relationships. Look for her in health food stores, yoga or Pilates studios, canyons, trails and spiritual centers. On the cover, you can see Afrodisiac, Country Biscuit and Taco Belle!

Bovino is giving his gift of Chickspotting to all mankind in this new book, which offers amusing insights into the most distinctive physical characteristics, vocalizations, behavioral tendencies and mating habits of American Chicks from regional and ethnic subculture (or species) across the country. Inside you will also find vivid illustrations of each Chick, color-coded range maps and other “Chick magnet” guidance.

Set up much like a bird guide, it sticks to the facts that Chickspotters can see out in the “wild.” Instead of identifying why women in America behave as they do or look a certain way – it examines what they do and how to spot them when they do it, all while admiring and appreciating them in their natural habitat.

As Bovino says – Birds are cute, but Chicks are better.

The “Field Guide to Chicks in the United States” will get men and women talking, and your readers will appreciate the facts that will surely help them improve their dating lives, and crack a smile while doing so.

The book is full of amazing full-color illustrations that you will have to see to believe. Men will want to see how many they recognize or can cross off their to-do list; and women will want to see if you can “spot” themselves in the book. Let me get a copy out to you to see for yourself, and I’d love to get your thoughts on the book’s concept. The book will be available for pre-order now at and will be available this summer. Joe is available for interviews and the book is also available for give-a-ways.”


The Guy’s Guide to Feminism

What does Feminism have to with men? A lot. That’s exactly what male advocates for gender equality, Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel think, which is why they decided to write the book “The Guy’s Guide to Feminism”. It came out 2011 and had an immediate success. So successful that, according to rumors, Steven Spielberg might make a movie of it.

The book, written in proper A-Z guide-style, talks about everything from chivalry to porn, and much more. It’s written in an easy-to-read, fun language and breathes fresh air in the discourse of feminism.

Male readers can take fun quizzes about the term “feminazi” and discover if they have caught “feminism”, with symptoms like “one empirical observation (about the state of things), quickly followed by a moral position (about how things should be, based on that empirical observation).”

A Guy’s Guide to Feminism manages to write about a serious issue in a very light tone; teaching instead of preaching. So order this fantastic book and realize that feminism doesn’t exclude men (I’m a feminist and I love men!).

I had the pleasure of asking Michael Kaufman a couple of questions about the book and equality between men and women.

1. Communication is a key factor in every relationship. As a woman, you often get to hear that men are simple and that instead of nagging or being silent, you should simply communicate what you feel, since men are “that simple”. That sounds good in theory, but in practice, men are often still stuck in the old-fashioned, stereotyping thinking-pattern that women are “overreacting” or being “ridiculous”. Can we hope for equality in respecting opinion only in the next generation or how can this generation deal with this, to make women feel like their feelings are not emotional, but just as rational as men?
Michael: “We tend to exaggerate the differences between the sexes in relationships. Ideas (held by some people) that men are not sensitive are really quite demeaning (just as are ideas that women are not rational.) That much said, to some extent, most men have been raised to distrust our feelings: we’ve been humiliated by adults or peers for showing fear, pain, or even too much joy. So, no wonder many men have an underdeveloped language of emotions. . . Help, though, is on the way! We can create safe circumstances where boys and men are encouraged to explore our feelings and experiences. We can encourage couples to simply listen to what each other is feeling, even if they don’t agree.  When I’m speaking to groups of young men, I say that listening is the number one communications skill.”
2. If you would have to summarize the tips you give men in your book to one or two sentences, what would it be? (In other words: what is the main thing you are hoping men, and women, will learn from your book?)
Michael: “Feminism and gender equality are not only good for women, they promise to transform the lives of men for the better. Good men can embrace equality not out of guilt but out of love for the women and girls in our lives and out of a desire for a better life for ourselves and our sons as well.”
3. What have the reactions been so far, by men who have read it? Any eye-opening experiences?Michael: “The reactions to the book are way beyond what I hoped for. I thought we’d done a good job at making it both engaging and informative, but I didn’t know what a chord it would strike for so many people. That is very gratifying.”

You can follow Michael Kaufman on Twitter via @GenderEQ and check out the official webpage here.

For all the men out there: Show that you care, read this book and start embracing feminism rather than seeing it as a threat to your manhood!