Is Meat a Must for Manly Men?

Really interesting post by Meateating Blues! On why meat is considered so manly. Read it.

Meat Eating Blues

By: Sara Siddiqi

Does a juicy steak, beer and maybe a game of poker sound like the ideal afternoon for you men on the blogosphere? I’ve always thought it was just an American television stereotype of ‘the regular guy’. But has it just reflected… or worse, created a reality?

A recent study published by the Journal of Consumer Research aimed to find out ‘whether people in Western cultures have a metaphoric link between meat and men’. It was found that:

‘to the strong, traditional, macho, bicep-flexing, All-Amercan male, red meat is a strong, traditional, macho, bicep-flexing, All-American food’, whilst ‘Soy is not. To eat it, they would have to give up a food they saw as strong and powerful like themselves for a food they saw as weak and wimpy.’

The Gender Blender Blog points out a Campbell’s soup ad from the 1940s:

‘He-Man is the word for these hearty…

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